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It would take a lifetime to fully discover every detail of Morocco - a country that's only roughly the size of California. But you've got to start somewhere, and that's where we come in. My Moroccan Adventure: trips and retreats in Morocco tailor-made for the modern adventurer. The Sahara is our speciality, but we'll take you anywhere you want to go within the country.  From camel rides to city trekking to mountain climbing and more - our team is diverse and eager to show you the best. Work directly with the company founders to plan the trip the way you want it, dealing with only one person from start to finish. 100% English-speaking, 100% Awesome, 100% Adventure, guaranteed. 


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Stacia, Aislinn & Ameer: Sahara tour, March 2018


They say "dynamite comes in small packages", which is true in our case. We're a small team of adventure-hungry people who love what we do. My Moroccan Adventure started with a simple idea - to show the best of Morocco to people who aren't inspired by packaged tours. From traversing the Sahara to the winding streets of ancient Marrakech to seaside yoga and surf retreats - we know the country well - its our home. We prefer to show you the real side of things, digging deep and exploring something new every moment. So if adventure (in any sense of the word) is your thing - you found the right place to start. Book your flight - we'll handle the rest.

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Adil, Co-founder


Jade, Co-founder

Growing up in the dunes of Erg Chegaga and the sleepy Sahara village of M'hamid el Ghizlane, Adil found his love of guiding visitors through the desert at a very early age. His childhood and teenage years were spent exploring the vast Moroccan Sahara with curious foreigners in tow, which helped shape him into the person he is today. All the way from Texas, Jade fell in love with Morocco in 2014, when she first arrived in Marrakech. Having made her way around the entire country more than a few times, she considers herself to be a "relatable" travel companion for people who don't mind stepping outside the comfort zone, as well as a knowledgeable voice to single female travelers looking to discover the country. Adil and Jade founded the business in 2016, with a mission to make travel in Morocco accessible and fun for anyone. As a National Guide of Morocco, Adil not only has a wealth of born knowledge of the Sahara region, but he's also a walking encyclopedia on the entire country's history.  A certified yoga instructor, Jade's specialties are retreats and yogi adventure trips - especially in the Sahara and the surfer-friendly South Atlantic coast. They are also great at bargaining and know a wealth of info about the Moroccan textile market - leading visitors through exciting souk tours and shopping experiences.  And as a sweet twist of fate, they got married in 2019. Together, they make the perfect team!


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