Marrakech Medina

Souk means market in Arabic. Find your Moroccan treasures and learn the history of this magical medina.

Explore the crazy maze of Marrakech through a guided walk with a local! We offer 3 hour or 5 hour guided tours of the historic medina, including sites, monuments and walks through the infamous artisan markets. Additionally, you’ll taste the street foods of Marrakech as you explore, with a new sweet or savory snack every 30 minutes!


Depart after lunch for an afternoon of desert fun on this short jaunt out to Agafay. You’ll arrive in a Sahara-style camp just in time for a cup of mint tea, followed by a camel ride through the hills with breathtaking views of the Atlas Mountains. Enjoy a sunset dinner at the camp before returning back to Marrakech before bedtime!


Agafay Desert

Visit the rolling hills of Agafay, only 30 minutes from Marrakech, for a desert experience near the Red City.



Visit the Atlantic Coastal windy city for it’s memorable views, fresh ocean air, surfer vibes and tasty seafood!

Depart Marrakech in the morning after breakfast for a day on the coast! Our first stop, the infamous “tree goats” of Morocco, that have become known for their excellent tree climbing skills to eat the nuts from Argan trees. Arriving to Essaouira, you’ll experience a guided tour of the old medina & city walls, learn the history of Mogador, and have some free time to shop and explore the area before returning back to Marrakech. Option to add: visit a local winery for a taste of Moroccan wines & a goat farm for a delicious farm-to-table lunch and local cheese plate!


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